Music can be switched off with the button in the bottom right corner. The sound effects will still play.

The goal is to reduce the opponent's amount of followers to zero by playing quote cards and convincing their followers to join you.

A card costs karma (purple gems). Your current karma is displayed in the top left corner. Your opponents current karma is displayed in the top right corner.

At the start of every turn you and your opponent gain one karma.

A card has a color-coded type, displayed under the name of the card. This type can be: body (red), mind (blue), soul(white) or spirit (green).

Every type of card counters one other type of card. This is displayed under 'Counters' on the card. Body counters Mind, Mind counters Soul, Soul counters Spirit and Spirit counters Body.

If you counter your opponents card with one of yours, you gain followers from your opponent. Most will go to you, while a few will go to the neutral camp. If your opponent counters you with his card, the same will happen, but for him. If neither of you counter each other, no changes will occur.

Some cards have special effects. These special effects only happen when countering with a card, unless otherwise stated on the card. These effects can range from doubling the amount of followers you get to gaining followers from the neutral camp.

Some cards also have effects with which you gain extra karma. These effects always happen regardless of countering, even if that is not explicitly stated on the card. Use this to your advantage.

If you can't or don't want to play a card, you can use the big purple button in the left bottom corner to play the meditate effect. The meditate effect costs no karma, but gains you one extra karma in addition to the karma you always gain at the start of your turn. The drawback of the meditate effect is that it is countered by every other type of card, so use it wisely and with caution.

Every now and then a random event happens. Be surprised!

And most of all: have fun!



Thank you for visiting our game.

Our game is about rising to the top as a guru by battling other gurus in a quote contest. The game is essentially a card game where the objective is to defeat all the gurus. A guru is defeated by reducing his amount of followers to zero.

We hope you enjoy our game!
And if you like it, please consider sharing it.

Tom and Luca

If you find any technical errors or have suggestions for the game, please let us know through the comments.


The game does not work! - Unfortunately our game does not work on Internet Explorer. It should work fine on both FireFox and Chrome. If you find any other technical errors, please let us know through the comments.

How big is your team? - We are with two: Tom and Luca, both programmers.

How much time did this take? - We both worked for about 45 hours on this game. We built it almost from scratch.

Why aren't you competing in the audio category? - The music loop you hear in the game is part of a composition that is free to use for freeware. We did not make it ourselves, so we chose not to compete in the audio category.

Why is there no tutorial or help screen? - When we were finishing up the game it was already deep into the night. We decided to focus on making the game playable first. Unfortunately the rules do not permit us to change the current version of the game to include a tutorial.

The game seems unbalanced! - We did our best in the 72 hours we had, but it's terribly difficult to build and balance a card game in that time frame. We focused on getting it working first and balancing second.

The battles take a long time! - As stated in the above answer we focused on building the game first. Battle time is a part of the balance of the game. We balanced it as best we could, but were unable to totally nail it down in 72 hours.

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